kelsey gallo © 2016

I am a designer, an illustrator and a printer. I love print. I love the tangibility of print. I love the fragrance of ink. I love the tactile sensation of great paper. Thats why I’m a screen printer and spend most of my days with ink up to my elbows.


While I do create designs for digital platforms, I feel my poster work is my best work. Gig Posters challenge my typography skills, illustration skills and my color theory knowledge. I’m forced to think about colors and how they interact with each other and the paper color. How to create the design in my head using the fewest colors possible while still being an effective design. I then use a technique that hasn’t changed in 50 years to turn that design into a tangible object. Ink and Paper.

Mick Jagger Loves David Bowie


Designed for #IntergalactiBowieDay on KEXP on 1/8/2016. Digital prints were also posted all over Seattle by Northwest Polite Society.


18" x24" screen print, 22 colors.